Safety Net Project at the Urban Justice Center

Safety Net Project advocates for safe and secure housing and fundamental resources like food and cash assistance for underserved and marginalized communities in New York.  We combine legal services, policy advocacy, and community organizing to advance the movement for economic justice.



Safety Net Activists

The Safety Net Activists build power among and within low-income people, particularly those dealing with the public assistance and food stamp system in New York City.  Our strategies for change include grassroots organizing, policy advocacy, media campaigns, building relationships with allies, and public education to empower New Yorkers and make them aware of their rights.  The Safety Net Activists are supported by the Safety Net Project at Urban Justice Center.




Stories of Resilience Production Team

Executive Producers: Shezza Abboushi Dallal & Helen Strom

Director of Photography: Munir Atalla

Editor: Tori Markus

Photographer: Elizabeth Landry 

Media Coordinators: Alexa McMenamin & Maryam Badran

Project Team

Zak Aldridge
Emily Frank
Philip Malebranche
Adriana Mendoza
Rose Moore
Emily Ramos
Brenda Riley
Jonathan Sunshine
Hamilton Wyatt-Luth
Scott Wagner