Protect Food Stamps

A restrictive bill to cut food stamps has passed in the House of Representatives this past June, and is now circulating in the Senate, threatening more than 2 million people’s food stamps.  Take action TODAY against the Farm Bill to protect food stamps from harsh cuts by contacting your representatives.

Feeding America's toll free number: (888)-398-8702

After a short message, you will be connected to your Representative's office after entering your zip code. 


“Hi, my name is ________and I am a constituent from _______.

I’m calling today to urge the Congressperson to protect food stamps from all cuts and new work requirements in the 2018 Farm Bill. Food stamp benefits are already far too low, at only $1.40 per meal, and many seniors, children, families, and those with disabilities run out of food each month.  Furthermore, food stamps boost the economy - every SNAP dollar expands the economy by about $1.70.

We are asking that the Congressperson oppose any version of the Farm Bill that includes cuts or reduced access to SNAP. Instead, I’m asking them to support the SNAP for KIDS Act in the Senate and Closing the Meal Gaps Act in the House which would increase SNAP for needy children and families.”

Below are links to postcards that can be printed, cut out, and sent to your local representatives:

Our Postcard Template



Defend the Safety Net

Safety net programs and those who rely on them are under attack. In April 2018, President Trump issued an executive order calling upon federal, state and local governments to restrict access and eligibility for all safety net programs, signaling new attacks to come.

To stay up-to-date with ways that you can help protect safety net programs throughout the year, follow the Safety Net Project on Facebook and Twitter, and become an SNP ally.